Spark 2.0: Sept. 13 – Oct. 11

Wednesdays from 9am – 1pm CST ◦ Virtual

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Spark 2.0 Schedule

Below are the top­ics and speak­ers from the 2022 Spark 2.0 Vir­tu­al pro­gram for ref­er­ence. Spark 2.0 will be held vir­tu­al­ly in 2023, start­ing Sep­tem­ber 13th and end­ing Octo­ber 11th. Ses­sions will be con­duct­ed every Wednes­day dur­ing this five-week peri­od and last four hours per week.

Top­ics cov­ered in 2022:

  • Lead­er­ship Styles
  • The Unplanned Workplace
  • How Tech­nol­o­gy Fits Together
  • Your Per­son­al Brand Meets Your Pro­fes­sion­al Profile
  • Inter­per­son­al Styles
  • The Lead­er’s Role in Merg­ers and Acquisitions
  • The Lead­ers Role in an Uncer­tain Environment
  • Apply­ing DiSC factors
  • The Sup­ply Chain

2022 Speak­ers:

  • Fred Bell (Molex)
  • Jen­nifer Smith (JMS Synergy)
  • John O’Brien (Coak­ley, Boyd & Abbett)
  • Jason Lipps (Lit­tel­fuse)
  • Amy D’Ar­cy (Future Electronics)
  • Cliff Ort­mey­er (Newark)
  • Heather Fulara (Pre­mier Farnell)
  • Peg­gy Car­ri­er (Avnet)
  • Jes­si­ca Reigel (Cyient)
  • Steve Sach­noff (MBA Pro­fes­sor Loy­ola University)
  • Lynn Tor­rel (Flex)

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